Huge difference in terms of value between 755/760?

Is there a huge difference in terms of value between 755 and 760? A seller at ebaY has 10 bids on a not much used 760 for EUR30. I have zero bids for my not much used 755 for EUR20. I think the difference in value is already very well represented here by the price difference. Why the 10 bids and zero bids difference then? The other bidder was even asked questions about the drive. No reaction to my 755. Why is that? This seems not logical to me… :frowning:


It is difficuilt to say. You know eBay is a strange thing. I bought one PX-760SA retail at ebay for 100€ from a professional dealer with 2 years warranty. A week later a unused PX-760SA from a private person finished over 180€.

It may be possible a 1€ beginning auction will bring a good result. I saw it a lot that the 1€ auctions were often visited and finished with a higher result as a auction beginning with i.e 15€.

Maybe the other reason is the PX-760 is trhe last Plextor available on the market and the PX-755 not. The 755 was if I remember correctly not for a long time on the market and was fast replaced by the PX-760…

Right, selling at eBay, it’s always a question of luck as well. The nature of an auction is just like I guess. And yes, the 760 is even a little bit more attractive. But I have one bid now, so maybe the 755 will find a new home, where it’s treated well. :wink: :slight_smile: