Huge degradation in quality of burns (according to KProbe)

I have a 1213S@1653S with firmware CS0T. It’s had that firmware for months.

I used to be able to burn very cleanly with a stack of RiDATA DVD-Rs (see attached). But I burned a disk last night, from the same batch, that produced a terrible KProbe scan (see attached). I tried burning a couple more, with the same batch of disks, and the scans are equally rotten.

What could have caused such a degradation in the quality of the burn with the same batch of disks, with the same firmware?

Either your drive or your media has degraded.

There have ben many reports of RiTEK G05 degrading but also some of RiTEK G04 degrading.

I have also seen a LiteOn drive (851S) develop a problem like that.

If you get good burns with other media, it’s probably the RiTEK G04 media that have gone bad. If you also get bad burns with other media, it’s probably your drive that has gone bad.

Did you try an EEPROM reset?

YEP that’s very common for RITEK GO4 and G05 and some of the other cheap media. They degrade very quickly.