Huge 708a Problems! Help!

im using 708a with firmware 1.03, windows 2000 service pack 4, nero, aspi version 4.71.2, DMA enabled.

so the issue here is i will burn a dvd video using nero (i even tried the template found on this forum) and what happens is it will burn to like 30 or 60 percent, and then just stop responding. no error messages, doesnt freeze the computer, just stops burning and the clock keeps ticking. one thing i have noticed that i thought was unusual is that the recorder buffer level / state is always at one place, shouldnt that fluxuate? typically this is happening with tdk dvd+r discs, which are recommended my plexter, and it seems that no one else has problems with these. just reformatted my partition and have nothing installed, so im open for suggestions :slight_smile: thanks all-

EDIT forgot to mention it happens at 8x 4x and 2.4x changing the burn speed doesnt make any difference

EDIT just followed the self test diagnostics steps in my manual, passed with no problems more than one time


HELP! :bow:

The first two thoughs coming to my mind are:

Any background apps running (viral scanners etc.) ?

Motherboard chipset drivers (nVidia is known for their “famous” buggy IDE drivers) ?

Does it happen with Verbatim +R as well ? (There is a big difference with TDK, -R is manufactured by TY whereas +R come from Ricoh IIRC - TY are believed to be excellent whereas Ricoh quality often fluctuates)

Perhaps a Nero upgrade could also help …

yes it was happening with verbatim dvd+r media as well.
there is nothing else running, this is a fresh install of windows 2000.

Motherboard chipset drivers (nVidia is known for their “famous” buggy IDE drivers)
do you happen to know what versions are good/bad?

thanks for the reply

Originally posted by jp22382
Motherboard chipset drivers (nVidia is known for their “famous” buggy IDE drivers)
do you happen to know what versions are good/bad?

thanks for the reply [/B]

The microsoft drivers included with your operating system is bugfree it seems. Most nvidia nforce drivers is more or less buggy when it comes to CD/DVD writing it seems.

oh my god im gonna scream…

ok so i said hell with it, reformatted my hard drive, reinstalled windows 2000. i did not install the nvidia ide controllers, the only nvidia drivers installed are my ethernet and graphics card. ultra dma is enabled, aspi installed. decided to try something other than nero, so im using clonedvd and anydvd, i can rip dvds with no problem whatsoever, but i go to burn, it gets to 1% and just stops. led on the drive is green, will not burn.

im gonna call tech support at plextor when they get in at 6:30am :smiley:

i did the self test diagnostics, no problems there. there is nothing running in the background that can interfere, and i am completely and utterly out of ideas and options it seems.

It could be a defective drive. If you can you could try the drive in another computer which has a different chipset. Then you know for sure if the problem is related to your computer or the drive itself. Plextor support may also be able to help you out of course, please report back with your findings!

so plextor tech support seems to think that nforce2 is the devil, which doesnt help me out one bit. any hints/tips for problems with nforce2?

EDIT problem has been solved by these modified nforce2 drivers:

it replaces the standard ide drivers and it made my 708a work flawlessly!

hope this can help someone else


I am new member and first of all I would like to wish a happy new year to everybody and to thank you for the help you will give me!!

I have the same problem but only with CD-r & cd-rw: it will burn to like 10 or 60 percent, and then just stop responding. no error messages, doesnt freeze the computer, just stops burning.

I haven’t Nvidia chipset or Nforce2.This is my system:
P3 550
198 Mb Ram
Motherboard Asus P2b
Windows Xp
Both Ide channel in Udma mode.

Is there anybody that can help me, please!!!

hmm do you have aspi layers installed? what burning software are you using btw?

ASPI 4.7
Nero 5.9 and/or 6.3 and/and Plextor Tool pro…the result is always the same: it doesn’t work!!!..But only with the CD-R or RW media!!!

Have you contacted Plextor Support Leek? It could be a defective drive. There have been more reports of the Plextor PX-708A failing with CD-R(W) media…

Yes, I did: they told me that probaly the drive is defective.

But yesterday I tried my drive in a PC of my friend: it works fine!!
So when I’ll have more time than now I format my hard disk and I will install everything from begining…and I hope my PX708 will work fine in my PC too!!!

Sorry for my english!!!

Thanks for everything!!

Good night!

I’m having the same problem as initially stated in this thread, and it’s driving me nuts. I have an nforce 2 motherboard as well (ASUS A7N8X), but the remix drivers don’t fix the problem. It always stops burning when trying to write to an RW disk, either DVD+RW or CD-RW, and happens occasionally with DVD+R disks. It doesn’t matter what software I use to burn either. Has anyone else seen this problem and fixed it, other than with the remix drivers? If it is a Plextor problem, then I want to return the drive and get a Sony, but if it is an nforce 2 problem, then I guess getting a Sony wouldn’t help. I just want to be able to burn freakin’ DVDs without the damn thing freezing!!! :a

Edit I am using WinXP, and the only ASPI driver I have installed is the one that comes with Nero Is this sufficent, or should I install the Adaptec drivers?

The Adaptec drivers are not needed. Can you try the drive in another computer which doesn’t have the nForce 2 chipset? If the drive also fails there then you can be pretty sure the problem is with the drive itself. Also, try running the self-diagnostic test for your drive. It can help you identify a possible problem.

I had previously uninstalled the nvidia drivers and tested with just the standard ide drivers without success. I then installed the remix with no luck as well. After that proved to be a failure, I reinstalled the official nvidia drivers with which it regulary failed, and it continuted to fail as expected. Finally, I left the nvidia nforce drivers installed but rolled back just the ide drivers to the MS ide, and now it works like a charm! I’ve done a few dozen burns on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW without a single coaster. Very odd.

Very odd indeed SynthesisDS, but good to hear your problems seem to have been solved!

I had exactly the same problem as SynthesisDS, only using the Pioneer DVR 106D, but with an EPOX 8RDA+ nForce2 board, it was burning fine till recently, till i rebuilt my machine and installed the works, including upgrading my MB bios (installed a new 200gig drive that i had some probs with) and couldnt think at all why this was happening, tried upgrading the drives firmware (bad move, so many probs), degrading MB bios again… well 5 coasters later, i found this post and doing exactly as SynthesisDS did, it worked :bow:

first post here, was gonna buy a new plextor drive and was reading reviews of it on this site, how i found this post, this site rox :slight_smile:

Thanks Sorrowman, welcome on board!