Hub-Printable Taiyo Yuden 8x +R media now available is now showing that they carry Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R Hub-Printable media. Up until now the Hub printables were only available in DVD-R. I know there are quite a few people who have been waiting for these, so I thought I’d post the info.

HERE is a link.

Hm… doesn’t look like the OEM TY spools. I wonder if the inkjet printable coating is done separately by the seller after buying regular DVD+R discs from TY. I know RIMA is a reputable seller so I don’t doubt that the media is actual TY, but I wonder if the inkjet coating applied as a 2nd process (if that’s the case) reduces the quality of these discs?

This was posted some time ago. But as of yet nobody has posted any results with this media.

I’ve been ordering the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x (TYG02) Hub Printables from RIMA because they didn’t have the +R yet, and I’ve gotten excellent results with it. It comes just like the +R does.(wrapped in plastic) It’s actually been some of the best, most consistent media I’ve used. I’ve not found a player yet that doesn’t like it. I’m pretty sure if you order the +R Hub printables FROM RIMA, that you will get Grade A media.

The below are Hub Printable TYG02’s from that were burned on my Plextor 716A.

More scans below if you want to see them. You can see it’s pretty consistent.:slight_smile:
TYG02 Hub Printable burned on 716A
TYG02 Hub Printable burned on 716A
TYG02 Hub Printable burned on 716A
TYG02 Hub Printable burned on 716A
TYG02 Hub Printable burned on 716A

Those look like excellent scans. I wish they offered a 50 pack, but I may be tempted into buying a 100 pack. I see that TY 16x DVD-R media is becoming easily available (in the US), wonder how long before the inkjet printable 16x DVD-R and DVD+Rs are available.

Any comments on the print quality of color images printed on these inkjet printables, Hitman? I know you ordered the -Rs previously, but it should be a good indication of the print quality.

Doctor_T, the print quality is the best I’ve used. And if you do a search at the forums, you will find that just about everyone there says they have the best printable surface of all the printables. If you order the -R’s or the +R’s I’m sure you will be happy with them. As for the 16x -R’s… if the pace TY has been moving is any sign, then I’m guessing it will be a little while before they’re offered in Hub-printable. Just check every so often.

BTW, if you are using an Epson R200, the measurements for the TYG02 -R Hub Printable media (+R should be the same) are: Inner Diameter= 22mm - Outer Diameter= 119mm.

TYG03 inkjet printable spindles are already available in Japan; I’m not sure what’s taking so long for them to get here.

Yeah… the TY02+R Hub-Printables were available in Japan for quite a while, and they’re just now getting here. Hope the TYG03’s don’t take as long, but I will probably continue using the TYG02’s or TY02’sfor a while anyway.

Question… when ya’ll say “hub-printables”, does this mean the white covered discs that usually say “White Inkjet Printable” at places like newegg? Is this the same thing?

I’ve been trying to track down DVD+R Taiyo Yuden media that is white only…I find it looks very nice. I hate it when media has their logos splattered all over the media face…looks ugly when I write labels on it.

I don’t want the “white inkjet printable” media for inkjetting, but I find it looks nice just using the Sharpie method… Any problems writing with a plain ole’ Sharpie on the white covered discs? Especially Taiyo Yuden? (only media I buy now)? Thanks…

spooks, there are different types of printable discs. Thermal Printables= for use on Thermal printers. Inkjet Printables= for use on Inkjet Printables.

When you see “Hub-Printable”, that means the hub (center of disc) is also white and is able to be printed on. If you see a disc that is printable, but doesn’t say that it’s hub printable, then you can only print up to the hub.

If you are just wanting white discs to write on, then I’d probably get the thermal printable media.(since you aren’t going to print to them) They have a better (smoother) finish than the inkjet printables.

[b]See the attached pics: Notice the first pic is a HUB PRINTABLE disc. See how the white goes all the way up to the hole.

2nd pic is a regular printable disc (not a hub printable). See how the white only goes up to the hub and stops.[/b]

Thanks, [H]itman. You 'da man. Thanks for your help

You can indeed write on inkjet printables with a sharpie. They cost a little more than “shiny silver” or “frosted silver” discs which can also display the sharpie written text, but if you don’t mind paying a little more for the appearance of inkjet printables then there should be no reason not to buy these. Since I often find that I only have inkjet media on hand and I dont print on every single disc, I will sometimes write on my media with a sharpie and it is very readable.