Hub-Printable +R TY (TY02) Does it exist?



I’m looking for Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R that’s “Hub-Printable”. only shows -R Taiyo Yuden’s available in “Hub-Pintable”. I checked Supermediastore & Meritline, and they don’t have any of it either. Does anyone know if the TY02 +R’s are available in hub-printable?


I’ve only seen the non hub printables in TY +Rs. I know that you can get Verbatim +R’s that are hub printable though that are MCCs.


PS – if you find them please post back here because I look for them every once in a while too


Deal. I believe you’re talking about the MCC003’s. I might try some. I wonder when the Verbatim MCC004’s (16X DVD+R) will be available in printable? I’ve already used some of it, and it is good stuff.


Dunno if anyone carries them yet.


Thanks for the info. Two Degrees. found them HERE.


94917 is currently out of stock at and techonweb but it’s nearly $10 cheaper than at cdw. So unless you’re in a hurry, it might be good to wait a bit.


Pudah, thanks for letting me know. I’m going to probably order some thru

I had ordered a (100)Spindle of TY DVD-R Hub-printable from RIMA (since I couldn’t get the +R) and it arrived today. The TYG02 burns really well on my 1620.


I’ve been using the Verbatim #94812 - 8x Hub printable MCC03 and burning them at 12x in my 1620. I’ve been getting them here for $37 with free ground FedEx.

Takes 2-3 days to get them here in Michigan but are sure to take much longer to the west. No idea how they are on returns since I never have returned any. The scans are better than my Ty -R…sorry, no proof.


Thanks for the link; I’d been hoping to find someone with 94812 a little cheaper than the usual $40+ price I find on the net.