Hub Printable or not? Which do you all prefer?

Recently picked up an Epson R200 printer, and now I’m wanting to order some printable TY CDR media. I can get it in “normal” printable or I can get hub printable. I know the difference between printable and hub-printable, but I was wondering what you people, with experience using printable media, prefer?

I’m considering a R200 also. But I don’t even know the difference between hub printable and just printable. Please inform.

See the attached image, and the center area is what is printable on a “hub printable” disc. The area with “Clean inner hub” drawn to it is the area I’m talking about.

A standard printable disc only prints up to the hub and stops. Also… the center “hub” is white (printable), instead of clear, on a hub printable disc.

Without a doubt, my choice goes for Hub. Looks much nicer, and you do not see the brand in the center (e.g. ridata).

Ok…well I’m gonna try out the hub printable media. It seems it would look better.