Hub Printable Lightscribe ...will we ever see it...?

Does any know if there is any discussion toward Hub Printable lightscribe (media / drives) in the future. Constructive comments, thoughts and speculations are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Probably not, as the hub is where the DVD drive grips the disk and the laser can’t reach it.

Exactly, the hub area is inside the radius where the OPU can reach. For the most part it can only reach the area of the disc that has dye in it.

I had thought that it can’t for regular drive disc.

I don’t use LS more lately because it is slow and blurry on print of LS on DVD.

So, Epson Artisan 50 and AquaGuard CD and DVD give no smear, full bright color all way into the center hub.

I prefer that when comparing to the LightScribe resultings. Color looks fantastic comparing to LS.