Hub-Printable DVD-Rs.... Which is the best?

I’m looking for a good brand of Printable DVD-Rs without Stacking Rings. First brand I tried was ProdiscS03, which turned out to be utter crap. Five of the six I burned (with my Plextor 708A) had tons of read errors toward the edge of the disk, and the one disk that didn’t would only play on my PC; it skipped like crazy on my standalone. Now I’m looking at BeAll, which has some pretty impressive credentials and reviews. I ordered a 25-pack to test them out, if they turn out to be good I guess I’ll pick up few hundred.

But anyway, can anyone here recommend me any high-quality brands? Or at least tell me if BeAll is as good as everyone says? (Yes, I searched the media tests forum, only one thread and it was only 2 posts long)

Have yet to find any Maxell or TY hub printables…but Verb MCC have them at a price. Either 4x or 8x certified. I haven’t tried any yet, but am tempted.

4X Hub Printables Here or Here.

8X Hub Printable Here or Here.

I have purchased media from both of these retailers and they have delivered untouched, retail, factory-packaged goods. This is in the States.

Hmm, looking around at other stores, I see the Verbatim printables, but that’s pretty pricey… Also my favorite store lists them as “Verbatim DataLifePlus 4.7GB 4X DVD-R For General Blank Inkjet & Thermal Printable” I wasn’t aware that you could have both Inkjet AND Thermal printability on the same disk… That’s probably what’s jacking up the cost. I guess these’ll be a last resort; I really don’t want to spend THAT much money on these things… Any other suggestions?

I’ve burned a little over 1000 of the BeAll hub printable without any problems.

I won’t suggest anything cheaper…If you find something that works for you, congrats. I know these will work in a high percentage of burners and players.

I have wasted more money on printables to practically purchase a fab shop myself…good luck.