Hub Printable Coating



I’m looking for the best inkjet hub printable CD-R media as far as the coating uniformity over the hub area. The ones I’ve tried so far has the noticably lighter coating over the hub that results in an ugly color transition especially when printing lighter color images. I hate to order a large batch on-line just to find the same problem.

Thanks in advance


TY Watershield, hands down the best in this regard.


A little late ,so I hope camelltoe doesn’t have a cow.

But anywho, Ty watershields are awesome. The covers will look 10 times better than the regular full hub matte from maxell and verbatim.

Anyone wanting to try Taiyo Yuden Watershields-both CD and Dvd-R, they have 10 pks for $6.50 + S&H for either.