Hub-Printable 16x "PRODISC R04 04"

Has anyone tried the hub-printable 16x “PRODISC R04 04” that is available at

how are quality scans? any pictures you can present? and please only post your personal experiences and not what you heard from the friend of a friend who has a grandma whose niece is related to a geek’s friend whose brother has a batch of them… :bigsmile: (well, you get my notion lol).

i only found one scan over here, and therefore wanted to start a new clean thread.



Hmm… http://here/

I don’t think so.

Interestingly enough, when I click there, it takes me to an Adobe Reader download page.

I have experience with Fuji PRODISC R05 non-printable, that’s all I can offer you.


er, your link doesn’t work!?!? (http://here/ ?) (FYI, you have to click on the “here” link in my post! :doh: ).

if you have a quality scan of your fuji using CD/DVD speed, that would be great!


There is a little confusion here, so lets see if I can clear it up.

@Capt_KA: You posted a link in your first post that had the visible name and the actual http link reversed, like this:

If somebody clicked on your original link it would try to open http://here/ which of course isn’t what you wanted.

That’s what tehGrue commented on and that’s why you see that link in tehGrue’s post.

I corrected the link in your first post so that it looks and acts the way you intended, and that’s why you didn’t understand why tehGrue commented on the original (incorrect) link. :slight_smile:

d’oh – what a noobie mistake lol. thanks for correcting the link, DM!

nevertheless, it seems that not many people have used prodisc’s “R04 04” version :confused: . are those just uncommon or rather “bad” – me wonder…