Hub or Switch?



Which do you guys prefer? I just bought a SMC 10/100 Hub and it works really well although someone else told me that switches are the way to go. What do you think? Are there any compatibility problems with games or apps with switches?


I believe that switches are better when you have big networks, like more then 20 computers.
I also have the 10/100 SMC 8 port HUB it’s perfect and has never failed me.



Hiya, you probably know this but hey!

When you use a hub with an ethernet network, a packet of information sent to from one system is broadcast throughout the network, and only the machine for which it was destined (determined in the packet header) actually takes any notice (unless you have a packet sniffer, but that’s a different topic).

With a switch, the packet is only sent to the intended system - thus reducing network traffic!

So to answer your question, unless you have a LOT of traffic on your network then leave well alone. However, if your network usage is approaching 50% of capacity then you need to think about upgrading!

Hope this helps.



One thing I am certain about Linksys Sucks!

I had 2 Linksys 10/100 NICs and
a 10/100 autosensing hub.

It performed terribly. Extremely slow and often times the data would corrupt when transfering. Constant network collisions and resending of packets. If considering buying a Linksys product, DON’T. Do yourself a favor and buy something good. For the money, SMC products are an excellent buy!

P.S. Anyone want to buy a Linksys hub and two NIC’s?