Hub or switch?



I’m in need of more ethernet ports for my home beyond the current 4 provided by a NETGEAR wireless router. Its been suggested that I simply add a hub or a swtich to the router that will add more ethernet ports. My question is, what is the difference between a “hub” & a “switch”? Will either allow me to still share printers & files currently on the entire system freely among all computers?


Get yourself a nice cheap switch, plug it into any of the existing 4 ethernet ports on your router, and voila! you are done. You will still share printers exactly the same as you used to, nothing will change there.

As for the difference a switch is slightly more intelligent and faster than a hub.


you can frequently buy routers for free after rebate, which is great because you can use them as switches simply by disabling the built-in DHCP server and assigning them an unused IP on the same subnet as your current network. as for the difference between a hub and a switch, here’s a simple explanation.