Http / Ftp

hi G@M3FR3@K

or if there are more Admin’s in here, i can’t se some forum’s in here where i can post some HTTP / FTP’s so will i have to wait to be a member on this board or are there not a plaze where i cane post that ones /
sorry about that but i must know it

This is not a FXP board, so you can not post HTTP / FTP sites on here.
You can read the rules on what is allowed here.

If you want to become a member of a FXP board you can check out or use the search function available on this forum to see if there are any other links

Thnx a lot my friend
But it was a help to you all
and i know the Rulez

But if people would like to contact you through Private Messaging to receive such postings/information, there is nothing the admins can do about it here… :wink:

hi Smart@$$

Yeaa you are right, i was to fast, and i havent seen that is a message only forum so i forget it :slight_smile: / but I’am always fast:rolleyes:

:cool: :cool:

IF you want to send a private message you can, but we dont alow any Serial# or direct FTP info here.

hi UpTowN

Thatz ok for me

I will use thiz forum to help this ones there need it,
and there are a lot of others forums out there where someone can leave a FTP or 2
so it is OK

If you like posting FTPS or vice versa PM me. Only if its yours. You cant post other people pubs. Its considered Stealing.

Hi UpTowN

Have u read my my first letter to u / I can,t see anywhere in it where i am writing i will post FTP’s In Here
I write I will help others on the Board :slight_smile:
and i will not and i say not post HTTP / FTP’s In Here :slight_smile:

and hi again to you Smart@$$

I havent seen what u have write in u first letter to me but i will ansver it here.
I dont want to look after a FXP Board ( I am a member of a lot of them ( and i am a Admin/Moderator of one of them ))
so i didint do that.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

Then I misunderstood you :slight_smile: apologies :slight_smile: Which group is that? PM me