Html text



I want to make my html txt invisibel on my homepage does anybody knows some way to do that ???

Please mail me if you have a method to do that..

Thankx in advance



the best way to protect your design/links is making the page in flash.

it’s a little harder but it looks better (i think) and your links are not visible and the graphics are embedded (so not stealable )



That’s not entirely true, you can still steal the links and graphics out of a SWF file, but you’ll need a special util.
Some sites disable the right mouse button with javascript, but that’s also no good.
Guess Flash is a pretty good way to do it, but people will have to get the plugin before they can enter your site. And you have to learn how to use Flash…



You’re ALWAYS able to view the source of a page, and so the links are… Flash or no Flash… But I must admit: most people don’t know how to do this with Flash…

Suc6 with it…

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