HTML disabled

For security reasons I have just disabled the usage of HTML in the public forums. Please let me know if you see anything that is broken now that used to work before.

The Table of Contents in the following thread uses HTML and thus no longer contains valid links:

[B]Read first:[/B] CD-DVD Speed - A user guide

Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up Drage

The leading postin this LiteOn FAQhas been broken, but I’m thinking I will just strip the HTML formatting from the post and let people scroll their way through the FAQ, rather than make new posts for each category. If there any better ideas, we can revert the changes easily.

[edit] Changes made to that post. If anyone spots errors, you know what to do.

[double edit] This post suffers the same issues as the aforementioned FAQ, but I have not fixed this. If no one else can get around to it, I will tackle it later…hopefully: