HT-Z510 and DivX



So I got this new HTS and i can’t figure out what to do with Xvid
The manual says the player supports DVD,CD,MP3-CD,WMA-CD,DivX,CD-R/RW, and DVD+R/RW
so does this mean i can use nero 9 to burn a video file to a CD-RW/DVD+R/RW? and it’l just play, do i have to worry about the size and the pixels and stuff? if i can what kind of Video FIles can i use?

Thanx, JAy


Simply burn your files to CD or DVD as data and play them in your player.

go here and download the Dvix test cd at the top of the page: simply burn the image to disc and play in your player. It will allow you to see which file types work.

Basic rules for divx playback:

Any of the following Divx encoding options might cause DVD players to have problems.

  1. Use of QPel (Quarter Pixel).
  2. Use of GMC (Global Motion Compensation).
  3. Resolutions greater than 720x576.
  4. Files larger than 2 GB in size.
  5. Video bit rates higher than 2000 Kbps.
  6. If you use AC3, LPCM or DTS audio, the video bit rate may have to be a lot lower than 2000, perhaps as low as 1200 for successful playback.
  7. Packed bit stream (MPEG4Modifier can remove this).

All of these problems except #7 require re-encoding the video to remove them. My best guess is that your resolution is greater than 720x576. Almost no DVD players support HD Divx. Region codes are not the cause of your problem.