Ht/os question

I’ve set HT/OS on my SHM-165H6s. How do I know which write strategy is being used? I’ve seen in the results thread, people post thee write strategy used as well.

Thanks, sorry for the newbie question.

From what i understand when you use overspeed Ht is used
regardless if you have it enabled.

thanks but that doesn’t really answer my question. I meant the actual write strategy like MMC_002 or whatever.

you surely mean the mediacode. you can see it cdspeed’s disc info tab.

other drives you can change the write strategy using omnipatcher, mcse, but with the liteon 5+6 series you cannot, so to answer the question you cannot choose or really know what the strategy used is for os

Thanks for the info, but then how do people who post in the results thread know which write strategy was used for burning (Same drive as mine)? They clearly indicate the burning strategy used.

the write strategy has the same name as the mediacode. with overspeed enabled you can burn @higher speeds. e.g. MCC003 is 8x standard. if someone writes MCC003@12x there’s just overspeed enabled.

Since Hyper Tuning(HT) is an Auto Write Strategy(AWS) Tech., the write strategy is unique for each disc. If HT is off and Over Speed(OS) is on, HT is used for the speed which is higher than the rated speed of the disc.