i upgraded the firmware for my ldw811s from HSOQ to HSOR ad now my DVDRW won’t work .I need to go back to HSOQ.Anyone know a link where i can download it from,i don’t think it’s on the Lite-on site anymore.Regards.



download the firmware, run it through omnipatcher to enable crossflashing and then save it. now you can flash.


No offense chok0, but there is no reason to enable the crossflash option to go back to a stock version of firmware, if there is no crossflash involved. The firmware on our site is already flashfixed to enable this. :wink:


The link won’t work.Is is me or the link?


link works…


Still can’t get to it.I lowered all my security settings and disabled Norton.I also couldn’t get to Goggle’s cache of it.Something up somewhere!


the downloadmanagers can also be the problem or popupkillers kill them :wink:


Can someone send me the HSOQ firmware.I can’t get to the link.Thanks.


direct links (is it allowed?):




Still no good Choko.
Direct Links allowed?How’s it set?


right mouse button klik save as :wink:


Nope!I’m being messaged"Internet Explorer cannot download …HSOP-HSOQ-HSOR.patched from codeguys.rpc1.org
The connection with the server was reset."


Thanks folks,i got there in the end and the drive is working again,for the moment.