HSOQ firmware with Readhack and Auto bit setting



Hey guys,

Has anyone on the forum have any success patching the new firmware with readhack and auto bit setting?

Everytime I am ready to update it in LTNFlash version 1.24 it says “file size exceeds limit!”

Any reason why?



If you’re using LtnFW/LtnFlash, did you remember to extract the .BIN from the .EXE first?


nrg3x, probably you are doing something wrong here. There is no need for LtnFlash when you update your firmware.

Download firmware (.EXE-file) from Lite-On and apply your “patches”.

Patched mine HS0Q this evening with spdhack, readhack and auto-bitsetting.
Works like a charm. :smiley:

Edit: I see code65536 gave you an answer. This post stands as it.


Code and pinto,

Thanks for replying. After reading what you guys said I figured out what I was doing wrong.

I hope I get better writing results with DVD+R media with this new firmware. I will test it tonight and give some results.

Thanks for the info guys! Happy burning!