HSG8 OEM firmware - any1 tested yet


I updated my burner to HSG8 firmware from 4kus.com.tw

This is the first firmware which offers bitsetting AND has decent DVD- results - at least on my Princo 4x. I made some K-Probe scans and the results were almost the same as HS0E - which is supposed to be the best firmware for DVD-.

Can any1 confirm this?

When you need HSG8 as a binary, I’ll send it to you.

This is strange.

Are you telling that HSG8 works with our (411@)811 burners?

I think that many don’t know that this is the latest firmware. Maybe you should post a new thread with the subject: new firmware HSG8 for (411@)811.

I see you have some good experience with it. To be honest: I experience good results with the HSOP with my two 411@811. I don’t want to change this “winning team”. Until now I burned 250 DVD’s and the last 150, burned with HSOP, without to much problems!

But I would love to hear the experience from the rest of the burning crew.



Yes, HSG8 works perfectly on my LDW-811s and it should also work on any 411s @ 811s (v4 mod). It is the latest firmware (dated 13.01.04) which also supports bitsetting.

In addition, writing strategie for CD-RW seems to have changed. I had a lot of dropouts on my MP3 CD-player. Then I updated to HSG8, erased the CD-RWs completely and - to my surprise - the dropouts disappeared.

You know what?

I’ll give it a try.

I trust on your experience!

Could you mail me the bin?


Thanks a lot!

Sure, no problem. I have just sent it to you. I hope your experiences are as good as mine!


I’ll let you know my experience!

What about posting a new thread?

I really think that many missed it!

That makes three threads for this same topic… maybe the third time will be the charm? :rolleyes:

(deleted link as I’m not sure if it’s acceptable to post)

Has anyone seen if there was anything added or is that just a different number for one of the normal released Liteon FWs (ie HS0K, HS0P, etc.)?

Originally posted by dhc014
That makes three threads for this same topic… maybe the third time will be the charm? :rolleyes:

Yes I have a good feeling!

And you know what is the best?

When you want you can be in it!!!

Wouldn’t that make a great story for the children of your children?


Hey, could I have the .bin too?

Thanks,guys :wink:

Find the Windows flasher here. If it isn’t already done, use FlashFix (link found in tools sticky) to load it.

SSeth, yeah, I know about FlashFix. Just too lazy to redownload it and apply to the 4kus firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also be interested in testing this new firmware with my 411S@811S (now I’m using HS0K firmware with good results).
May anybody send it to me?
Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by Ssseth
Find the Windows flasher here. If it isn’t already done, use FlashFix (link found in tools sticky) to load it.

Can someone do me a favor and send it to me to try. My email addy is MAXIMUS95GST@YAHOO.COM


Quoting an entry, that I made in another thread ( http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?threadid=88039 ) :

I read this thread with big interest, since I have problems with my 811s burning with high error rates. First I reverted my drive from HS0P to HS0K - no changes, still bad performance.
Then I reverted it back one more firmware to be able to upgrade with an original, “unflashfixed” HS0K: slightly better values, but not to an extent to exclude any influence by the media itself (DVD +R 4x Verbatim datalife plus - MCC)
Upgrade to HS0P - still no good values.
Then the "cross"grade to HSG8 - unbelievable, but true: values are much better! Especially at the end of the disc, where the other firmwares used to raise to PI-values like 300/400 starting at the last 20% of the disc, now for 3 test-discs the values do not exceed 50 (one with a small peak to below 100), and that only for the last maybe 5% of the disc.

Can anyone explain this? I can’t, since you guys stated believably, that the firmwares are the same except some entries like model-number…


It’s true!

Admittedly only 3 burns, but comparing to HS0K and HS0P, it’s amazing!

Still too high for perfect though.

But results are FREAKING AMAZING!

***** Update *****

After scanning a bunch of DVD+/-R burnt with other firmwares, it (HSG8) does appear to burn better, AND scan previously burnt DVD+/-R better. Spikes present in previous burnt media are still present, but tend to be more severe for high values, and less severe for lower values. (weird eh?)

please send the firmware to me too

From my experience, this firmware does seem to improve reading, writing, everything. It’s still not great, but it is better.


You can download it from http://dhc014.rpc1.org/indexOEM.htm

You will need to use the Lite-On Utility FlashFix on the firmware to allow the firmware to be used on your LDW-811S.

when i am using flashfix on the g8 firmware i get a error “couldnt find byte to patch” what am i doing wrong ? or must i use a newer version of flashfix?