Hrmm.. This makes me wonder

When i read this on a Popular dvd site i buy media from it makes me wonder wth? if the MID is tyg03 then thats 16x saying they are meant for 4x with that mid i am not sure what to think any thoughts?

Quote Below of the site.

These are genuine Taiyo Yuden Value Line disks. They have a media code TYG03 which is the media code for the 16x media but the disks are only rated and certified at 4x. So if you want to burn these a little slower, you can save a few $$$. Please ensure your burner firmware is up to date and is compatible with the TYG03 media code.

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not anything new, they can be G01 (4x) which i’ve never seen after buying like 2000 value-lines. G02 (8x) which i burn at 12x. or G03 (16x). you don’t HAVE to burn them at 4x, they are 16x rated if they are G03