HP's got CD-RW for a budget

I just posted the article HP’s got CD-RW for a budget….

The new low-end HP computers standard have a CD-rewritable drive build in.

On Tuesday, the company added three new PCs with CD-RW drives to its consumer Pavilion line. They sell for $699,…

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I would not call CD-RW call a replacement for DVD, especially not because of cost. A DVD player is cheaper than a CD-RW drive, generally speaking. What HP is hoping for is since most people buy a CD-RW anyway when buying a PC, they now buy a HP and spend their money on HP products. (and of course they hope people will buy HP supplies, CDRs as well, that is what they make the real money on) HP offers good quality for a fair price, the only disadvantage of systems (brands) like this is the flexibility…you have to buy them as they are…a decent retailer may offer to build stuff in for no extra charge, but you cannot trade in products used in HP PC’s. Personally I was very interested in the HP Pavilion Notebook series, but they seem to be restricted to American Market only for now…They offer great specifications for a very interesting price, compared to all the other notebooks in this country… Keep bumping those prices down and make CD-RW available to all…means more people that need the help that is offered at this site… HP should sponsor CD Freaks!! :wink:

This type of move is really going to bring cdr prices down to practically nothing… :slight_smile:

Cdr prices are allready close to nothing, I get mine @ about 10 bucks for 50. Now, if only DVD-R’s would go down… :8