HP's GBW-H20L firmware -nocheck?

I have due to some odd circumstances ended up with the HP version of the LG GBW-H20L in my desk top PC. I wanted to update it to the Y05 firmware but of course something about the HP OEM version won’t let me.

Is there a -nocheck kind of option for the LG Firmware program like Samsung’s? Any way to over ride the identifier code so I can turn the HP into an LG?


are you sure its GBW-H20 OEM? What is the drive string? maybe ala42 can help.


Re-badged for HP. Firmware installed is 8.B8.

Same drive/firmware mentioned here: http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?p=138447

My understanding that you want to crossflash your GBW-H20L to GGW-H20L firmware YL05 (your first post said “Y05”)? Have you tried this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f142/lg-blu-ray-crossflash-ggw-h20l-gbw-h20l-be06lu10-be06lu11-260811/

Please note that you will not be able to go back to GBW-H20L since there is no official firmware as of now.

Anyway, let us know how it goes.

I do believe I was confused with my first post. My bad.

They do not cross flash. Two different models. I will continue to read more and learn…

This is in part why I am confused.

“3. LG GBW-H20L crossflash to GGW-H20L (add HD DVD and more media support)”

Let’s roll back, why do you want to update your drive in the first place? Is there anything wrong with it?

Your drive is an OEM considering the firmware 8.B8. Current retail firmware for GBW-H20L is YG01. Even if you find an official firmware for GBW-H20L, flashing might not work (not 100% sure). If you want to update the firmware I would suggest calling HP. Otherwise if you want to crossflash to GGW-H20L do it with your own risk. I have to say that the crossflash procedure is safe but you will void the warranty.

By the way, GBW-H20L and GGW-H20L use the same hardware, same pickup, same chipset and PCB.

I have some HD-DVD’s I’d like to play on my PC.

I cross flashed the GGW Y05. Nero reports some hd-dvd support but not all. The Diskinfo program says no hd-dvd at all.

The two models do cross flash by the way. I was mistaken above.

Wondering if anyone has the GBW’s firmware, Y01 I think it is?

Firmware YG01 comes installed with your GBW-H20L, you will have to wait for YG02.

I cross flashed the GGW Y05. Nero reports some hd-dvd support but not all. The Diskinfo program says no hd-dvd at all.
You mean you crossflash to YG05? Which Nero report and which DiskInfo? It is normal that the GGW-H20L does not read all HD DVD media, it only reads HD DVD-ROM and I believe HD DVD-R. You probably won’t need the capability of reading HD DVD-RW, RAM, etc.

Yes, cross flashed to YG05.

Diskinfo indicated no hd-dvd support.

Nero is as you indicated, partial hd-dvd support.

Actually it was 8.B8 not YG01.

Thanks though.

[QUOTE=jsmiddleton4;2223021]Yes, cross flashed to YG05.
You crossflashed your GBW-H20L to a GGW-H20L YL05, right ?

Yes. Was typing without my glasses on.

I was looking for a way to return it back to the original firmware is why I wanted the GBW’s firmware is all.

Wanted to update this now that I’m not quite so busy and have my glasses on.

I d/l and installed Arcsoft’s hd-dvd/blu-ray software. Checked both blu-ray and hd-dvd disks. My cross flashed GBW-H20L to the GGW-H20L plays both just fine. Both look very good.

So my free blu-ray drive is a dual media playback drive. With DVD Fab ripping blu-ray now its a nice gift.

Bonjour, je confirme que cela fonctionne avec [B]MediaCodeSpeedEdit[/B], mon GBW-H20L [B]8.b8 [/B]est devenu un GBW-H20L[B] YL5[/B].

(my GBW-H20L [B]8.b8 [/B] is now a GBW-H20L[B] YL5[/B], thanks…)