HPcd16r rebadged liteon 16102b



how could i upgrade the firmware on this HP-liteon 16102b drive ,since hp does not have any for this drive . the version of firmware hp uses is (OKS1)


If you have any problems you may use the binary firmware I have and mtkflash to turn it into a real Lite-On and then all official windows firmwares for the LTR-16102B will work.

Do this only if you have problems as it voids the warranty and may(but should not) kill/damage the drive…


it worked!!!

          now is't a 16102b ,but why does this drive not work with cd speed ? it did'nt before i flashed are after i am trying to test the write speed


try CD-speed 0.85 not 0.85e…

Had the same bug with v 0.85e but v 0.85 works nice…