Hello all…I just picked up this burner to make it an external on my laptop…It’s scsi and I was wondering if anyone had it…I’ve heard that it can and can’t do sd2 and that it will do secure rom 1 and 2 and on clone’s sight…they say it’s a good reader and writer…can anyone give some input…I.E. Ollie…later all,

It’s a good writer, no doubt about that. Here are your drive’s stats:

Best Supported Write Mode: RAW-DAO 96
Best supported Read Mode for Data: RAW+96
Best supported Read Mode for Audio: RAW+96

This means that you can copy almost everything except for SafeDisc 2, but you already knew this. The only disadvantage is the lack of Buffer under run Technology, but SCSI doesn’t really need this.

Hello G@M3FR3@K,

On your page http://www.geocities.com/pcp-freak/4cdfreaks/SafeDisc2.html you say that hp9200 can copy safedisk 2. Now I don’t know if it can copy safedisk 2 or not.

Could you please explain?

Thank you!!!

My list is based on what people send me… I cannot confirm it actually works, sorry. The unit tha works is probably based on a Philips, which works fine with SD2.

HP always takes units from different manufacturers and rebadge them as their own… So if you can find on that’s based on a Philips, it should work fine.


according to the information as to the safedisc 2 compatable writers the 9200 Atapi is supposed to write safedisc 2 with firmware version 1.0e the only thing is the 9210 scsi has the same firmware version and I have one. this claim will be tried I will post the results I will use the game hitman to solve this puzzle.As you said this list is based on what people send you so lets confirm this or dissolve this issue. According to CLONE-CD hardware data page these writers do not support the correct EFM ENCODING to write safedisc 2 …:cool: