Is HP 9110i a good burner? I have one, but have only burn music cd’s. I have CloneCD and Adaptec 4 was wondering if I can start burning PS & Dreamcast games? If I can, can someone please give me steps on on how to burn these games. Thank You!


PSX: No. Your burner cannot read and write 96 bytes of SubChannel Data, only 16 bytes. PSX uses 96.

DreamCast: No. Original DC games cannot be copied by any burner! They have to be cracked by professionals like Utopia. The DC games contain up to 1GB of data and therefore even if your burner could read the sectors, it couldn’t write it…

Sorry :frowning:


Ooops forgot one tip:

For PSX you can use patches that can be found at www.megagames.com. The patches need to be applied with CDRWin and a patcher engine.



Gamefreak: Having owned a HP 9110i, I made countless copies with CloneCD and no settings checked… All worked without a problem on a modded PSX…

Just an FYI…


Yes you are right. I made an error and like I said in some other topics: thae HP and Sony burners can do it. Sorry for my wrong info.

I was mistaken because the SubChannels with the HP and Sony do work but like it states on the CloneCD site, it will only be reliable at low reading speeds. What speed did you use Hypnosis4U2NV? I did have a SonyCRX120 which gave bad copies at a reading speed above 4X. I used 2X and it did work. (Glad I now own a Plex which does it at full speed ;))


My setup before was LG-8400 (40x Cdrom) (I think I forgot) and the HP 9110i with the 1.0c firmware… I read the PSX CD’s with the LG and burnt them with the 9110i… I never checked anything off and I cant say I ran into any PSX problems… All my CD’s worked… Before my HP 9110i I had an HP 8100 and that gave me problems here and there but not too many just certain titles…

Now I have my Pioneer 16x DVD and a Plextor 16/10/40 and I havent bothered trying to copy any PSX titles yet… But they should be able to get copied…


Thanks for all the INFO!!!