HP9110 Problem with CD-RW's

I own a HP 9110 CD-Writer on WinME…i have version 4.70 ASPI drivers from Adaptec…

I can burn CD-R’s very well but when I move or copy something to a CD-RW, it works ok too…when I insert a new CD-RW, it say the drive is “inaccessable” and that the “access is denied”…I have to restart the system everytime I want to insert a new CD-RW…

Note: this doesn’t happen with CD-R’s…I can burn a lot of them without problem…

System Specs:

  • WinME
  • ASPI Drivers 4.70
  • Firmware 1.01 from HP
  • DirectCD 5.01
  • Easy CD Creator 5.01 Platinium

If you need more information, plz tell me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

A lot of the issues with EZCD Creator stem from DirectCD. That could be the source of your problems. I also had problems with my 9110 until I got rid of DirectCD. I had to do a custom installation and omit it. Even though I now use a Lit-On I still stay away fro DirectCD.

I wouldnt mind of uninstaling EZCD and install Nero, but I heard EZCD gives a lot of problems when uninstalling :frowning:

What should I do to get nero working ?

Well, I have a good experience with Roxio. Just try an install the latest update of EZCD. The updated DirectCD is very stable than earlier ones.

I’ve never had problems uninstalling EZCD, but if you do, just do another installation over it and then uninstall it. There is nothing special in getting Nero to run. Just install it.

Thxz dudes! I append to got to Roxio’s website and there’s a “guide” on uninstalling cleanly EZCD…

Will install NERO …I always got problems with EZCD…:confused:

Thxz for all you support! :wink: