HP840i Not Recongising Discs


Just installed my new HP DVD Writer 840i and have hit a problem in that it will not recognise any pre-recorded, original dvds. It will recognise CDs, and both media and software DVDs that I have created though.

I see a couple of people across the forums have experienced this. Has anyone got a way around it?



is the problem solved?

I am also experiencing issues with the HP840i.
I purchased mine in Feb 06 and everything was fine until Sept. when all of a sudden I could not read or write ANY disks. I could not even read disks that were written by this drive.
I had a replacement under warranty and everything worked fine until, guess what, last weekend I started to get errors “no disk in drive” occassionally. This has got progressively worse over a couple of days and now I cannot hardly get any disks to read or write. Drive now sent for further warranty repair/exchange.
Is it me or is there an issue with the HP drives. I believe both were rebadged LG2166B’s both with FF66 FW.
Environment is clean so I am sure this is not a dust issue.
I really like the lightscribe idea. Any thoughts on the problem appreciated or if anyone has any recommendations for a different Lightscribe drive that is reliable.

Here’s a bit of new info. I will try to update when I get the link.

Called HP support, referred to HP Optical Support at 866-694-7633.
Fellow there recognized the “Mismatch” error when trying to apply firmware and says that Level 2 has a patch for this. Hopefully, it works. I’m under the wire on a project.


I’ll try to remember to repost with more info when I get it from HP.

thanks for reply.
my second 840i is out for warranty since two weeks. Same problems…

Maybe the problem is your OS installation. Check it in another computer.

Not sure if chef is referring to my post… I have tried the drive in another system and no change. The last time I had this issue in September, a replacement drive sorted the issue but this has now come back. Am I just unlucky or are there issues out there with the HP840’s.

-Tried different media
-Problem is getting worse all the time (higher failure rate of recognising disks, now all disks fail to read/write)
-Tried a different PC
-Have upgraded FW
-Have removed device in Dev mgr
-Have removed all SW (Nero, PowerDVD, Roxio EMC)

I have now returned the drive under warranty and hopefully will get a refund as I don’t want another HP drive. I also don’t particularly want an LG drive as I believe this is rebadged as the HP840.
Are the Liteon drives reliable?? Any other vendors/drives to be recommended/to be avoided.
Am I asking too much of a lightscribe drive to be the only drive in the system or should this be a second drive.