*HP8250i & Safedisc Ver 2.xx.xx*



Is there any way of making a backup of a Safedisc ver 2.xx.xx protected game, without messing with the firmware (usually leads to a knackered drive), with an HP8250i drive.
I have tried many times to do it but I just cant seem to get a working copy to be read even in the writer. I have a Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD ROM, if its any help.....

Thanks in advance,


According to the CLonecd website the Drive writes regular bit patterns almost correctly
look at;


I believe that means it can not burn the new safedisk versions, but it can burn older safedisk protections

a pity the drive only copies raw, not raw+96


I forgot to mention its the HP8250i from the HP CdWriter Plus - 8200 Series, if this makes any difference…


i do not think it makes a difference


do you know why the HP8250i appears twice on that Clone CD list? Was there two versions made and how can I determine the one i have? thanks in advance


perhaps there are 2 types, with a different chipset or so…but it is not very clear…

perhaps you can look on the HP website to get more info…perhaps even a firmware update


Is it the black drive or the white drive?

If it’s the Black one it’s based on a Philips drive. If it’s the white one you can actually flash it to 8x.


It is the white one. I was wondering how relibale it is to flash the drive, becuase i have heard alot of controversy over flashing it. How can it be done so it actually works once flashed, and is it a reversable thing?
Is it true that it cannot write at 8x without making errors in the disc, and if i do flash it will i be able to write safedisc ver 2 correctly?

thanks in advance…