Hp740b DVD Writer with Lightscribe -- 4-5 pauses placed into newly copied DVDs

Late last week, I purchased a new computer. This system came with a hp740b DVD Writer with Lightscribe. I have been attempting to burn DVD’s with this system for the past few days. I am having a problem with the copied DVDs. The copied DVDs that I make pause every 25-35 minutes into the movie for a few seconds. I consistently see the same pause at the same spot in the movies that I burn.

Here is how I have been making the DVD copies. I am using DVD Shrink to make images. I then burn the images using either Nero, DVD Decrypter, or myDVD Plus. I believe that I can rule out the burning software as causing the problem, because I have used 3 different burning software items and came to the same pauses in the movies that I made. I am then forced to need to rule out a bad dvd writer drive, a bad spindle of dvd-r’s discs, DVD shrink causing the pauses, or a bad DVD reader underneath my TV. I have been using a spindle of TDK disks that has been reported as TDK disks with the DVD Identifier software.

Since I can not go out and buy a second spindle of DVD-R’s at this time of night on a holiday, I am going to try ruling out one last option of DVD Shrink that I have not attempted to rule out so far. I am going to try using DVD Shrink to shrink my movie down to 4050 Mbytes, which is less than 4gigs. I will then turn on the option to break up VOB files into 1GB chunks. A 4.7 GB file split into 1GB chunks will become 5 files, which is the number of pauses that I am consistently getting in each copied DVD.

If DVD shrink is not the problem, I am going to try ruling out the spindle of DVD-R’s. I am skeptical of this being the problem, because the pauses are constantly happening in the exact same spot in each movie that I copy. If my DVD shrink tweaking above does not fix my problem, what do you guys and gals suggest? Should I try ruling out my DVD writer drive, or the DVD reader that I have under my TV?

Also I have attempted to look for a firmware update for this drive, and I have been unable to find one. Any idea where I can find a firmware update for my drive?

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Well it seems like changing the options in DVD Shrink just moved the pause to another area on the dvd disk. What is the most likely cause of these pauses that I am getting in my disks? Is it most likely my dvd writer drive, the dvd-r disks, or the dvd player under my tv?



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Ripp the movie with DVD Decrypter ISO mode (Menu “Mode”–>ISO–>Read R). Save to HDD.

Fire up DVD Shrink. Leave all settings per “default” (preferences DVD-5). Yes, Shrink splits VOB files into 1GB (a behaviour for compatibility reasons from good al’ FAT32 systems).
Then menu File–> Open Disc Image. Make you choices and shrink.
Burn your shrinked image with DVD Decrypter, or Nero if you choose “file” output.

There is a nice guide on this forum IIRC, and this thread might also be helpful. :smiley:

Last night I did rip an image onto my computer with DVD Decrypter but not in ISO mode. I ripped it in file mode. I then ran DVD Shrink on the image than I burnt it with Nero. I had the same problem.

I think that I can rule out my ripping process as being a part of the problem. I am getting these pauses and skips when I run these copied disks on my computer or on my TV DVD Player. I also used alcohol to mount an image that was burnt to a CD that had the pauses, and I played the image directly through the mounted alcohol drive. I had no pause while playing my dvd this way. I think that I am stuck having to look closer at the media that I am writing to or that my drive is just bad.

I just got back from Staples and they had 25 DVD-R spindles for $8.50 today. I am going to try to rule in or out the drive as being a part of the problem.

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My problem was due to a bad spindle of DVD-R Disks. It suprises me how they all failed around the same times during the movies.

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