HP640i (BenQ DW1625?) problem recognice dvd

Have browsed this forum and find a lot of post about my problem but no final answer. Have bought a new HP640i and when I try to burn dvd it dont recognice several dvd-r media.
Did one succesfully dvd on a Verbatim 4x DVD+R
Have several different 8x dvd+r / dvd-r that the drive cant find.
Have succesfully burned cd-r without any problem.
When using the HP Disk Compatibility Setting program that came with the product it just says Disc Settings: No disc when a dvd is in the HP640.
When a cd is inside the disc settings says “Not a DVD-R”
When trying to burn dvd with Nero 7 it just opens the tray and ask for a dvd.

The HP640i is master on IDE1 and is also the only drive on the cabel.
Have deleted the IDE controller in Device Manager and Microsofts own drivers are the only ones present for IDE.
Tried both the DMS and PI0 settings.
Wont upgrade to BenQ Firmware but the HP Firmware is JS04.

But have a guess that it could be my mainboard.
Have and old pc with an ABIT KG7-Raid mainboard.
(Works good for me just playing online poker and downloading pron :o )

Any suggestions??


Looks like it’s only is DVD-R media it doesnt recognise :confused:

The porn is messing up your drive!