HP530i same Hardware as NEC25XX?

here is th elink to the HP site.

If you have a look at this thread, it seems that the new HP drive is a rebadged LiteOn drive. So no new double layer firmware for NEC drives with support for bitsetting on single layer discs :Z

thats very bad news!

Oops. Sorry.
I forgot to link to the thread I meant. I meant this one in the Recording Hardware Forum.
But you’re right. It’s indeed bad news :sad:

I hope HP will still release a FW update for their HP 520 writer : this FW supports DL and BS for SL and can be used for our deer NEC 2500 -2510 drivers. After Herry would tune the FW, we would again have an exelent piece of hardware with our < 100$ NEC2500 !!


That’s too bad… but is the risk you accept by going with a drive from a company that fundamentally only cares about the OEM customer.
Very few firmware updates and a conservative approach when they do.

According to some reliable sources, the DVD Writer 530r is indeed a rebadged 832S. I have no idea if the 530i is as well. :confused:

Was the HP 520i available for sale at all?