HP420n: Burning Speeds Vary



Hey guys.

Awesome forum, long time reader, first time poster. I own the HP420n, as it says on the box and Windows(420i?), and I just recently bought the BENQ 8x Media. BENQ 8x DVD+R are actually Daxon media. My 8x speed burner cannot burn the BENQs at 8x, although I have the latest 1.33 official firmware. It does burn HP (actually Verbatim disks) at 8x though.

Is there a way I can burn the BENQs at 8x? Cuz I bought 200 of those disks, and at a grueling pace of 4x, they are gonna last me 20 more years… I am not really a fan of flashing and getting unnoficial firmware, so if theres another way, I would be real happy.

Lastly, I use Nero 6.0.00 Ultimate (all programs) edition to burn all my disks if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks a lot for helping me out,


It depends on the media (Daxon) which speed you can burn. In the picture below you can see that there is only one(1) Daxon that is capable of burning 8x and higher. I used the LD 2B4 firmware for this. Other firmware version have the same for this media.


Thx, but I didnt really get your answer. :confused:

My Daxon is an AZ2. What do you mean other firmware versions have the same for this media?

I got the normal stock 1.33 firmware. Does that mean I cant burn at full potential of 8x even though my burner is supposed to burn at 8x?



any ideas at all guys?? I have just noticed that support for Daxon DVDs is missing from Liggy’s, Heiman (sp?), and stock HP’s firmware. Should I wait then?


Hmm. I have read in a news article that in 2004, Daxon have constrated on making 8x only, 2005 theyre concentrating on 16x.

My firmare is early 2004. Does this mean it just donesnt have support for the Daxons yet? Will it come put later?


Its unlikely to support any 16X media at the moment. You may like to try Herries firmware on your drive. I’m not sure if this media is supported though.


you do realize that your drive is probably a NEC 2500. In case that helps.


The HP 420n is indeed a NEC ND2500A - same drive I had for my 2500A. :wink: Nice drive just flash it with one of Herrie’s 25x0A Firmwares and you should be good to go. The 2500A can go up to 2510A. The drive does not support 16x writing as it is only a 8x DVD-Burner but cross-flashed to 2510A it should support Dual-Layer burning.


Should I tell Harrie to upgrade Daxon media or can I do it myself? BECAUSE I HAVE 200 DVDs LEFT!!! Theres no point in buying other supported media and throwing these out. The Nero quality shows that they are at about 90% in quality…