Hp420i DVD playback issue (set top player)



Hello all!

I’m new around here, and I have been reading many posts in the hope of finding a solution to my problem:

I recently purchased a HP 420i (firmware 1.28), which is a pretty good dvd burner as I understand. All the movies I have ripped so far have the same playback issue, when played in any dvd player other than the 420i (my laptop dvd-rom, a toshiba set top dvd player, my friend’s panasonic set top). At the beginning playback is fine, then it starts freezing at random intervals, then plays a little bit more, freezes again, etc. The dvd’s are fine when I use the 420i to play them.

I have tried various combinations of software for decryption, encoding and burning and I always end up with the same results. Right now I’m using DVD Decrypter 3.5.1, along with DVD Shrink 3.2 and Nero 6.3.03.

The DVD media I’m currently using is re-branded Maxell 2XDVD-R (MXL RG01).

I suspect it is a problem with the firmware but I really don’t know how to find out for sure, or how to go about flashing a hacked firmware in DOS, and which one to use.

P-S: I used to own a Pioneer DVR-04 and all my burns worked fine then.

My System:
HP 774e
Athlon 2400+
GeForce 440MX 128MB (not the 64)
SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
HP DVD Writer 420i (SLAVE)
Norcent EW-400 CDR-RW (USB External)

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions! I want my DVD’s to work in my set top: it’s a pain to have to connect my TV to the graphics card everytime I want to watch a movie…

Cables on the floor + 2 cats = Bad! :wink:



What brand was this “re-branded Maxell” sold under?
Did the packaging say Made in Japan? If not, they are fakes and are probably poor quality discs.
This could be the source of your issues.
Try some better/good media!


I bought them here at a Future Shop in Vancouver (British Columbia). I think they were “Pine” brand…

I used DVDIdentifier to find out what brand they really were.

What I don’t understand is the copies made with my pioneer burner worked fine, and they were the same brand AND batch, so I don’t think it would be the media.

I’ll still try another brand just to make sure. Any recommendations?


The Pioneer drives are the “masters” of DVD-R, they can sometimes burn a DVD-R disc that no other burner can handle…


>>Originally Posted by Wesociety
>>Did the packaging say Made in Japan?

I really can’t remember… Why would that make a difference?


Because MXL RG 01 that is NOT made in Japan is fake and poor quality media.


I see… That may explain why I got 25 of them for CAN $25.00…

I just purchased some Kodak DVD-R 4X (Prodisc) and burned “La Femme Nikita”. Tried the dvd in my laptop and it seems better. I’ll have to test it thoroughly before calling it a victory though!