HP300n (NEC 1100a) Rip-Locked?



I have an older computer with an HP 300n (NEC 1100a) DVD+R drive.
It has the latest “official” HP firmware 3.2, but it seems to read DVD-9
discs very slowly. Burns normally at 4X, about 14 minutes to burn 4.3 Gig.

Is the official 3.2 firmware rip-locked?

What speeds (Kb per second) could I expect to see with AND/or without
rip-locked firmware?

If you think I should flash the firmware, exactly which one should I
use and where can I get it?


you can turn your drive into a NEC ND-1300A
altough the results with DVD-R are questionable, this firmware removes the riplock of your drive and adds some new media and media-upgrades

check this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=125463


Thank you for the info on conversion to NEC 1300. Not to seem
ungrateful, but I had also hoped for answers for the first two
questions (which is also the subject-line of this posting):

  1. Is the official HP 3.2 firmware rip-locked?

  2. What speeds ( reading Kb per second) could I expect to see
    with AND/or without rip-locked firmware?


NEC burners mostly are poor readers.
You would have to feed them good quality media or unprotected dvd media to achieve “high” ripspeeds.


My main interest is in reading standard DVD-9 movie discs with the
HP300n (NEC 1100a) drive. I guess my informational goals for posting
these questions was to get someone who’s experienced with the
HP300n to tell me if the rip-speeds were markedly higher after flashing
to generic 1100a firmware or modded HP firmware.

Here’s one source I’ve found (seems like 3.10 7 [1.43] would be best):


However, I seen references to modded (rip-lock removed version) of
the latest official HP 3.2 firmware, but I can’t seem to find it. Any help?

The bottom line question is:

Is it worth flashing this drive or is it a terminally slow reader even
with the flashed firmware?


When you say it reads dvd-9 disks very slowly, what times are we talking about, 15-20 minutes?
If so, then you HP is probably rip-locked.
My nd-1100a with rip-lock reads a dvd-9 in the time mentioned above. DVDdecrypter states it has an average reading speed of 3X

With the riplock removed I get a average read speed of 7X with DVDdecrypter and it finishes reading within 8 minutes most of the time (also depends on disc surface quality)

Reading your reaction I guess you’ve never flashed your firmware before.
It’s not that big a deal. Sure there is always the risk of a bad flash, but if you flash within the DOS environment risks are minimal. Just be sure to backup your old firmware before you overwrite it with the new one. The nd-1300a firmware I mentioned is a great firmware, you can try it to see if you like it. It probably will double your reading speeds, but its up to you to decide if it’s worth the hustle.


Unplug other drives connected to the IDE channels when you use flashing from DOS and have no flashing experience for that.
It is more risky than flashing with a win flasher tool.

I would try the 1.0C patched by Herrie.