Hp300n dvd writer

i recently brought a compaq presario with the said dvd writer have tried burning films to play on my dvd player to no success. have tried nero and clone dvd. the films run on my pc but not on my player. any help would be appreciated.

What media and DVD player are you using?

dvd player is a toshiba rd-xs30 disk is a traxdata. my friend used same software same disk but his version played on my dvd. software being used by me is nero 5.5

It sounds like a software problem if your friend’s disc works. Have you updated to the latest version of Nero? Some versions (5.5.9.x) have issues with DVD video compatability.

My friend and i are both running with the same version of nero. the only difference is my dvd writer came fitted in the pc and his is a add on. even a straight forward copy will not run but his copies are fine.