I have bought a HP with a 300c fitted (that I now know is a rebadged Philips DVD R/W). It can read and write CD’s OK and I have not had a problem with that. It will aslo read a DVD, but nothing will recognise it as a DVD Writer. I have tried updating the Driver, but that is no use. I read somewhere tht perhaps that 300i driver may be of use. Is that so? Can anybody help? I am concerned that I may lose the things tht work if I do anything!

Please expand on “nothing will recognise it as a DVD writer”, programmes wise.

DVD+RW only, I think.

No DVD Burning software will recognise the drive, although I can read DVDs. It woreks fine as a CD-RW.

What exact software and media do you refer to??

This is a DVD+R/W burner.
You might want to update its firmware. Which one is on the drive?