HP x16 Discs Query



Are the x16 HP dvd-r’s any good ?? as i have some of the x8 HP disc’s which i use for temp stuff. I got them before because most was saying that CMC under top brands was good discs, is this the same on the 16 speed stuff ? or should i stick with the x8’s ?? Going to be ordering some more discs sometime today so i want to get some as the x8 runs i have nearly run out of.


If they’re CMC MAG.AM3 16x DVD-R’s, they’re pretty decent - Infiniti CMC AM3 work’s very well for me :slight_smile:


The CMC MAG. AM3 16x DVD-R definitely have a better reputation than CMC MAG M01 16x DVD+R.
Some 16x CMC discs have been performing badly, which was caused both by poor QC and by bad firmware support.


Hahaha, word for word what I was gonna say :bigsmile:

I’d buy them, my Infiniti branded AM3s work very nicely. :slight_smile:


CMC MAG M01 isn’t really recommended though :wink:


Between the 2 I’d pick the AM3. :iagree:


Would you say the x16 AM3’s are on par with the x8 AE1’s?? Im using my 111D by the way.

Like i said there not for long term, proberly no longer than 1 year, they do however need to be able to play back on whatever you chuck them in, dvd player wise and console wish for when im running a test to make sure something works. I have a shed load of MCC02RG20 and TYG02’s for everything else.


I think AE1 is better in general, though AM3 is decent as well and should be fine from HP. They should be fine for long term use, CMC has good stability. I’d generally avoid M01 though since it is so inconsistent, it can be very good to very bad.


Can’t comment on the AE1 myself, as I only ever used a few Datawrite branded ones, and most were coasters.

I definitely prefer the AM3 over the M01 though, and as scoobie said, they should be OK for long term use - definitely for a year, LOL :slight_smile:


CMC MAG. AM3 was a bad performer in the Sunlight Resistance Test made by dvd-r.jpn.org/thia@9, it definitely performed worse than CMC MAG. AE1 :eek:
But then, I wonder whether it might have been batch variation… it’s not a scientific way of testing, after all.


Interesting comparison, I’m glad that none of my media is in those conditions :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a interesting test. Anyways i’ll get ether one of the two.