HP Writer

My HP writer (8100i) recently packed up and it will no longer read a cd. It is recognized in the bios and windows, but it just can’t scan a disk properly (it keeps trying then stops with the red light flashing). I really dont want to buy a new drive, and it will cost a bomb to get it looked at, anyone know what could be causing the problem? Im running Windows ME on an AMD K6-II 500, 192Mb, 13.5Gb, Voodoo3, Hitachi DVD Drive (Sec Slave), HP 8100i writer (Sec Master).

Any help will save me a lot of hassle, and money!



probably your lens is full with dust, you can try to clean it :wink: however i’d suggest this to let it be done by a computershop it costs something from a 25$

Am i likely to damage the lens if I do it myself? I don’t know anywhere around here that can clean a lens. Is this the most likely problem or are there any other possibilities?

Thanks for your help,


Smoke is the number one killer of all writers.Ciggarette and candle smoke especially.I don’t smoke or allow people to smoke in my house,however I have a friend who use to and he went thru several.Smoke clouds up the laser lens and can’t be cleaned off with a cd cleaner.I don’t know if there is any other way of cleaning it.You may also need to update your firmware for the writer that can make a big difference.Especially in older writers.