HP USB 8200 Series Burner

I borowed my dad’s burner since my Dell 2100 does not support more than one 5.25 drive, and so far it has been working fine. This is a HP 4X USB 8220e CD Burner.

However, after cancelling a write job, it didn’t seem to work that great. Finally, it’s not working at all. It powers up, but ocasionally the red light comes on and keeps flashing. I purchase Memorex media and have never had a problem with it, so I am sure it’s not a media problem.

The log from nero indicates that:

Power calibration error
Invalid writestate
Could not perform EndTrack

Is there a firmware update for this drive or a way to clear or reset it? I’m assuming the drive may have inadvertently managed to keep the data I was trying to burn in it’s buffer. I have powered it off and left it off for an entire day, but not sure that really did anything. I re-installed my windows because it was time to anyways, and even after re-instaling windows, it still won’t work It is not limited to one burning program iether, any burning apps won’t do anything.

Thanks for any info.