HP unveils first DVD+RW drive

I just posted the article HP unveils first DVD+RW drive.

After HPs success of their CD-RW drives, they now hope their new DVD-writer will succeed.

The DVD-writer dvd100i, which will cost $599 when it hits store shelves in September, will be the first…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2348-HP-unveils-first-DVDRW-drive.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2348-HP-unveils-first-DVDRW-drive.html)

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Hi! I didn’y note that those DVD-RWs are so cheap!!! Sweet! I want one!

I’m all for more gigs on a piece of plastic but they will have to get the burn speeds up before I’ll buy one.

Actually Pioneer has had one out here in Canada for at least a month. It’s available at FutureShop. Check the link: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?logon=&langid=EN&dept=1&WLBS=fs-web3&sku_id=0665000FS10009075&catid=&newdeptid=1

Hi there I have been wondering if anyone knew actually which of these three formats is compatible with the dvd players including standalones and pc dvd’s? Becoz I have heard DVD-RW is some say and some say DVD+RW.

DVD-RW work on a typical home DVD player - I don’t think so. DVD-RW will have less reflectivity. DVD players that can read CD-RW should work fine.

Well DVD+RW is not compatible with all DVD-Players but Pionners DVR-03 (DVD-RW) is, DVD-RW is the best DVD recorder you can buy for DVD-Video recording…There are not the same (DVD+RW and DVD-RW) they are totally diferent… If the question would be for DVD-Video Stick to Pionner. I am Buying one next when they arrive in my country, have been waiting to long for this…

have the Pioneer for about 5 weeks now, does a great job.:stuck_out_tongue:

Jupilleke :slight_smile: , can you send me an email, because I have a lot of questions about the Pioneer DVD writer :frowning: , maybe you know the answer. :4 Also other people with a Pioneer DVD write can send me an email. :slight_smile: Great Thanks.

So If I wanna burn movies on these to make it work on standalones and data to be read in dvd roms it will be pioneer right?

wondering if it can do PS2 dvd backup… hmm… if it does… i will get one as soon as it come out