HP trade in offer for the DVD 100i

I just posted the article HP trade in offer for the DVD 100i.

Overbyte used our newssubmit to tell us that in response to customer inquiries, HP is initiating a program for current owners of the HP DVD Writer dvd100i.

We reported before about this drive…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3821-HP-trade-in-offer-for-the-DVD-100i.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3821-HP-trade-in-offer-for-the-DVD-100i.html)

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When they first announced this program, it was for the US only. It’s good to see them offering it to dvd100i owners outside of the US now.

Too bad that other manufacturers don’t seem to follow this. Ricoh has refused every atempt to get in touch with them to discuss about this problem, which I can’t really admit. Selling something to people (so many people thought DVD+ is going to be better as THEY SAID SO, and what… got a drive, the disks can’t be read by most drives, (DVD+ compatibility is - let’s just say - a BIG dream, nothing else)). Compared to DVD-R from Pioneer all DVD+ drives are just a lame attempt to go on another way and to make people’s life harder to choose what to buy… Many of us bought DVD+. And that was a big big mistake. Now HP is going to change the drives for 99 bucks. Not that cheap, but at least acceptable. Ricoh, Philips, Sony, and others are really silent these days about their plans, but this was the last time I bought anything from Ricoh that’s sure. My Pioneer drive works just fine, the Ricoh is just on the desk, waiting for a replacement, but I start to belive this is just my sweet dream anyway… regards, Stephen pS: DVD+R may be a good thing, but DVD+RW was just a tale about DVD (and compatibility…)

You can’t compare DVD-R and DVD+RW compatibility. If you want to compare then try DVD-RW and DVD+RW and the + will win. I also believe that DVD+R will be better than DVD-R but we’ll see in the near future.

Petspeed: that’s not the point what is more compatibe. The point is that what you can use and what you can’t. Actually DVD- can be used much better for nearly ANYTHING you just wish to, compared to DVD+. DVD+R might BE better a day, when you can get an empty DVD+R disk, AND (!) manufacturers like Ricoh and others won’t let customers down AND exchange all their lame drives that they SOLD to us saying that DVD+R won’t be a problem, which was NOT true. And now, here is a drive, and you (and they) talk about DVD+R (and compatibility) and phew, what the hell can I do with the lame Ricoh drive (and its superior “compatibility”), when it writes only DVD+RW… (gimme a suggestion anyway…) So, I admit that comparing a write ONCE media to a REWRITEABLE is not a fair thing, (and that is not what I wanted to expess) but that’s the reason I don’t understand why they cheat us, not exchanging all drives that are REWRITABLE compatible ONLY… Exchanging all the 1st generation drives even at some price would make peace and we could see if dvd+ will be better than dvd-. But at this point I won’t waste more money on DVD+ and anything that is made by any of the “DVD+ Alliance” until the case we (many people who BELIVED the DVD+ Alliance members)actually see won’t be cleared. Til that, I don’t trust them anymore and rather use my Pioneer DVD- that was sold as it is, at least it creates PERFECT DVD’s. (which can be read anywhere, while it was hard to find anything that could read the DVD+RW disk except the DVD+RW writer…) regards, Stephen pS: and let’s not say that when someone PROMISE something on the BOX and in adverts, then how fair is it to say that “we were wrong, sorry” just to sell some MORE drives. Will anyone on Earth (who once was cheated by them) buy anything from them…? (doubt it…) anyway I won’t, that’s sure.