HP Touchsmart laptolp + Vista - er.. where is all the power going?

Hi all… I use an HP Touchsmart TX2, 1160EA. The hardware is great, facilities (eg handwriting) generally great… but… I can’t remember a time when the HDD isn’t thrashing away, all on its own. I’ve been through the taskmanager and services and can’t see anything obvious. I’ve set up no unscheduled malware scans etc. Any ideas?? At this rate the HDD will fall to bits in 6 months! Thanks jim

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Did this get resolved? Which OS are you using?


Hi - thanks for the welcome. I’m using Vista HP. I had a long exchange with HP Tech Supp, and generally got nowhere. They go through all the tenderfoot stuff eg defrag, clean HDD, delete temp files etc, then go to MSCONFIG and remove all but AV etc… Anyway, just for the sake of it I did whjat they asked and really there was no improvement. Sometimes the HDD thrashes away for no apparent reason, sometimes its quiet when I’d expect some movement. Its not AV updates or HDD scans. There is some delay with Outlook because the PST is huge, but I’m going to cut it down, and anyway I dont keep it active, nor does outlook load at startup. For the time being I’m putting up with it. Best regards JM

Oh yes - a PS… HP suggested a perf monitor, but there is so much data it is almost impossible to analyse. Also it doesn’t really show disk activity per se. JM

Virtual memory/page file? Do you know how to check it? Also, if this happens a lot when you’re browsing the web check you cache settings.
How much ram do you have?