HP told to pay 3.5 years' CD-R drive royalties

I just posted the article HP told to pay 3.5 years’ CD-R drive royalties….

Already a year ago we reported about plans from Germany to let hardware producers pay a fee for their hardware. Why? Because with a CD writer u can copy music… and producers of that music need…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2534-HP-told-to-pay-3_5-years-CD-R-drive-royalties___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2534-HP-told-to-pay-3_5-years-CD-R-drive-royalties___.html)

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Perhaps they should be charging each time someone buys a tape deck? And that guy who whistles those tunes… he should be charged public performance royalties. :frowning:

This is BS. I personally back up more DivX’s than music and so the music industry shouldn’t get ANY of the money because I barely ever burn Music. Plus, I use my burner as much for backing up my own data as I do for music and so to say I should pay the music industry is lame as fuck. I cant believe how pathetic the world is that they can just decide they want some extra free cash and then actually be told they’re aloud to ask for it. Just shows how corrupted the world is. And not meaning to sound too prejudiced, but America sure sets the way for greediness on a large scale. You can sue for anything you want and win.

If I was HP I,d be pulling out of germany but more likely they will just pass this on to the consumer. So who is wrong here, HP or Germany? Nila, I don’t think it is quite as easy as you make it sound, just because you sue someone doesn’t mean you win… you have to prove your case. However you are correct that is the American way.

I heard a true story when I went to america this summer:

A burglar was robbing this house, he got trapped in the garage while he was robbing it and got stuck there for a week till the owners returned. The only thing in the garage to eat was dog food and coke, he sued the house owners for trama and won.
U cant tell me that any country where that can actually happens is sane??

lol, You must be a fool to believe tale. Doors are made to keep people out not in. There is no way a garage door can lock you inside, you have access to all the locking mechanisms. Pretty funny dude. :+

F~ck the music industry. They are always causing trouble. We buy music only when we try it out first. It seems to me, the music industry wants a piece of share in the internet world. The music industry should be condmaned for there evil acts and doings to the public.