HP teases tablet features, has Flash

HP teases tablet features, has Flash.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/03/sOU0Zt.jpg[/newsimage]HP finally peeled back some layers on its upcoming Windows-based slate, and it did so while subtly mocking Apple's iPad.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/hp-teases-tablet-features-has-flash-26989/](http://www.myce.com/news/hp-teases-tablet-features-has-flash-26989/)

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Will it come with built in virus & malware protection ?

Too bad HP, but the industry will adapt to the iPad as they have the iPhone and Touch. Good luck having that kind of influence with this knock off. The emerging HTML technologies make flash irrelevant.

The demo video looks no different from an iPad but its not as sleek (I found the motion & zooming looked “choppy”). However the product is based on an O/S that is notorious for viruses & malware, BSOD’s etc. If I was a parent and wanted to get my kid a in internet device, it would be something more secure and reliable like an iPad.

My friend got his daughter a HP netbook only 2 months ago. He’s already struggling to clean viruses and malware off it. He wants to restore the factory image but HP doesn’t provide it anymore. Great situation. So I have no faith in any Windows based tablet device from HP because of these types of situations, and because of the endless headaches I have dealt with from HP, Windows etc… over the last decade as a programmer / RD software & hardware engineer / Windows Embedded specialist.

Oh yeah, one other thing. It has been revealed that Flash is not just a problem for Apple platforms, it is a problem for any touch based platform. This is because in a nutshell much Flash web content relies on mouse & mouse-over events. Wonder how HP will deal with that… ?

I’m glad to see HP releasing a tablet and moving forward. Competition is good mmkay? Adobe says they are working on a solution for the mouse-over Flash issue on Touch devices.

I was just gonna read this and move along. Then I saw ivid’s post. Now I feel compelled to get involved…

The industry will adapt to the iPad? You mean websites containing flash will bend over and take it from behind because Apple releases a ho-hum product? Why would anyone adapt to a product that CAN’T do something? Just makes no sense. 1% of the population will have iPad. 99% have PCs that run Flash.

iPad verdict = FAIL

Next item, then? Right, viruses and malware. Sure, Windows has always been the target of idiots who like to write nasty code. That’s what happens when you’re top dog. If you think the latest OS from Apple is more secure or more virus resistant than Windows, you’re crazy.

iPAD verdict = Safe because nobody cares enough to write code to hurt it… for now.

Okay, let’s talk about the netbook. I just bought a netbook 2 months ago. I also had to uninstall a bunch of software garbage. Gateway put it on, not Microsoft. I also created the App/System Restore DVDs in case I ever needed to start from scratch again. Not sure why HP can’t provide the DVD anymore. Maybe your buddy doesn’t know what he’s doing. Tell him to check user forums or call tech support. He should immediately have created the restore DVDs. Does he not read instructions?

iPad verdict = None on this one. Your buddy is at fault for not creating the backup discs, not HP.

So, in a nutshell, I’d buy this product over the iPad. Why? Because I trust HP 200 times more than I trust Apple.

Plus, HP doesn’t decide what you are allowed to install on your machine. Apple is very restrictive in the apps department, only allowing apps that it deems acceptable, including denying apps that compete with its own “core features”.

Duke, you ROCK!

The HP slate took advantage of iPad’s lack of Flash and they are focusing in their demo on this. Another good point discussed here is Apple’s app restrictions compared to HP. This is the video where Phil McKinney is talking about how the Slate concept was created:


Professional Streaming Consultant

@ ivid…

You are wrong about HP not supplying a factory image. It is on another partition on the hard drive. Hit F11 (or other for his model) while booting to bring up recovery options. Your friend should have been prompted to create the recovery DVDs himself or he can order the DVDs from HP. I do wish they would just give the Windows install disc, though.

BTW, if Apple starts selling enough product, you can bet there will be malware for it. MS Windows is far more popular, that’s why malware is written for it. If you don’t download questionable / illegal stuff, you are unlikely to get a virus.