HP Sonic DLA E: Error?

I got an error similar to that yesterday when I plugged in my laptop at kinkos. I brought my laptop so I oculd use their printers, and there computers dont have coverxp. anyways when i plugged the ethernet cable in it was fine but when i plugged in the USB i got the Sonic DLA error and it said it was formatting sor something like that. i let it sit for about 10 minutes and nothing. it freezes the whole computer and i cant stop it unless i turn off the computer. my CPU is maxed out to 100% as wel, the whole time. I only have 256 MB on that but its not my main computer. i use it for typing and internet only, normally. i have a dell inspiron 1000. anyone know what to do and why this happens?

thanks, matt

I’ve never heard of Sonic DLA doing anything positive. If you uninstalled it, you’d probably be fine.

i dont even know what it is. i have never heard of it until i plugged in that usb cable. i don tknow how it got there or anything.

@ shorterthanu182,

There is strong well-documented evidence that ALL packet writing software programs do not work and only cause conflict errors. It is also strongly documented that packet writing software programs can disable some CD/DVD writing programs.

You are only playing Russian Roulette when using any packet writing software program to write valuable data that you intend to access at a later point in time.

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