HP Releases D5400 Inkjet Printer w/DVD Printing and New 5-Ink System

Hope this one turns out to be a good model for printing DVDs – comparable in print quality to a Canon IP4500. The current Epsons suck too much ink and can be unreliable.

This HP printer uses a supposedly new 5-ink system, perhaps similar to what works so well with the Canon IP4xxx series: text black, photo black, and three colors…


Is available in America? Did not Epson have patent to prevent Canon in US from DVD printing tray? Is not the same for HP though?

Thank you

[quote=Sub Zero;2108694]Is available in America? Did not Epson have patent to prevent Canon in US from DVD printing tray? Is not the same for HP though?

Thank you[/quote]That link is from the HP USA Website. HP has offered disc printing with certain models for a few years now, so apparently they can afford Epson’s licensing fee. The two main reasons HP disc printers haven’t been as popular as Epsons have in the US is due to reports of inferior print quality and rollers that can leave marks on a freshly printed disc. It would be great if these two issues were resolved with this new model.

Canon could release disc printing in the USA if they were willing to pay the extortion fees to Epson, but they are not. Eventually they probably will.

Yes, this HP appears to be using an identical ink system, but probably not the same type head system. For disc printing, the main difference would be speed, if any. That said, the big problem with HP is the rather massive amount of corner-cutting they do on drivers and software and support. All other things being equal with this new printer, that alone is reason enough to choose the Canon. Also the HP does not have auto-duplex or the top-feeding paper feed option. (top feeding helps with things like envelopes and card stocks)

I have just binned my two old dvd printers:

  • An Epson R200 which has printed hundreds of labels in good quality, except for some photo glossy printables that showed banding. In the end, I got tired of having to shove the tray in a couple times for each print to start. The tray feeding mechanism never worked a 100 percent, but wear and tear finally made it unusable. Still, it has served me well for a couple years. The label printing software was fine once I got used to it.

  • A HP Photosmart D5160 I bought a year ago, which has printed only a dozen or so labels in good qualiy. The printer driver was (and still is) a nightmare to install and even though this printer went to market after Vista’s launch, I had to wait for a Vista compatible driver. I never got a proper working label printing software for Vista, only a useless demo version of Roxio Express labeler. In stead, HP installs all kinds of programmes that I don’t want or need (like reminders to shop with them for supplies and automatic update checkers that are hard or impossible to remove). Also, it insists on creating a network share for the memory slot that I never use, which leads to all sorts of Windows/network problems.
    After the first few prints, I noticed miss-alignment and no way to adjust the position in the printer driver. It took a long chat session over a couple of days with a HP support guy to find out my tray was faulty. He send me a new one and this worked for a couple of prints, then alignment was off again by a couple of millimeters. The main printing application, Photosmart Essential, made a mess of my labels and proved to be a total nightmare to use. Then the tray started to fail (it went in and out a dozen times, then was rejected, over and over again). The most fun I had with this printer was when I smashed it to pieces.

So I bought a Canon Pixma 4500, installed it and printed my first cd label in a matter of minutes. It only took me a little time to find out where to adjust the inside and outside diameter for full face printables, but stuff like that is to be expected with any new software. Everything else works intuitively and the first result came out perfect.