HP recall Photosmart digital cameras due to fire risk



Heads up:

Hewlett-Packard has recalled more than half a million digital cameras because of a fire risk.

The company contacted the US Consumer Product Safety Commission after a customer complained that his Photosmart R707 digital camera had caught fire while plugged into its docking station.

The problem is caused by a flaw in the camera’s firmware, which could cause the battery to overheat when the device is plugged into an AC adapter or docking station. Another potential cause is when people try to charge non-rechargeable batteries such as the Duracell CP-1, HP said.

The company warns owners of the 5.1-megapixel cameras, which were sold in the UK between August 2004 and April 2006, not to use single-use, non-rechargeable batteries until the firmware has been updated. This update prevents the camera applying a charge to a non-rechargeable battery.

Consumers are also encouraged to update the firmware even if they do not use, or intend to use, a non-rechargeable battery

Consumers can check to see if their camera is affected by looking at the HP logo and the model name and number that are printed on the front of the camera. The firmware update can be downloaded from the HP website.


HP link as in article: http://h71036.www7.hp.com/hho/cache/323517-0-0-225-121.html?jumpid=ex_R602_go/r707safetyupdate


…The problem is caused by a flaw in the camera’s firmware, which could cause the battery to overheat when the device is plugged into an AC adapter or docking station…

Damn, I’m glad I don’t have one of those. No overnight charging, then :eek:


Another reason not to buy HP…A real shame, they used to be a class act.

The glass beads we trade to the natives are getting ever more shiny /.


Well I suppose it could be a way to get the bbq going if you can’t light it. Rather expensive fire lighter though.


As I recall without re reading the artical it’s a firmware change that tells the stupid camera not to try and charge non recharge batteries.


Have that camera…just not bought in the UK, so I should be ok…it hasn’t caught fire yet… :wink:


June 6, 2006 Hp web site

Name of Product: HP Photosmart R707 Digital Camera

Units: About 224,000 in the United States (about 679,000 worldwide)

update sure can’t hurt. The HP site will explain how to tell what FW you now have.


Am not using non-rechargeable batteries…I got two rechargeable ones with the camera…

Will read more in the subject after work…thanks for the info


This is why hardware control should be used to control physical properties … rather than software! Software fails.

Don’t they have any hardware safeguards against these sorts of issues? What sort of crap design team does HP have working on their products, that miss simple safeguards that should be built in?


I would prefer to see hardware control with software monitoring…

Designing to a price point and release schedule are the most common causes of
these types of problems…


I’m sure that those low prices are to a consumers benefit … but I question how they will feel about the price after they lose everything.