HP '+R' 50 pack $17.94 @ Staples (no rebate)

Found this in my inbox, so I thought it might be worth passing along. Not sure whose media this is; DVD Identifier says my HP ‘+RW’ media is Phillips , and it has worked flawlessly in my ND-3520A thus far. Can anyone tell us if this is a deal or not? Since I live 60 miles from the nearest Best Buy and can’t jump on the Fuji deal they are running, this may be my next best bet.

NOTE: I can’t seem to get a working link to their page in this post :confused: , so my apologies. Just go to Staples.com and use the View Local Circular link at the top of the page. It’s on page 4.

Avoid HP media!

and there computers :slight_smile:

i hate cheap walmart hp computers

HP +R Media is generally CMC Magnetics. :slight_smile: CMC Magnetics isn’t terrible but not the best, at that price if you wanted a spindle of it and it didn’t break the bank I’d sa give it a try.