HP -R 16x DVD's

Has anyone grabbed any of these yet? No listing on VideoHelp yet.

As per “ripits” weekly ad post (thanks btw) Officemax has them on sale, I will be grabing a pack and report back but that won’t be until Wenesday so if anyone already has some please post the media code.


Haven’t tried them. My guess would be CMC media ID of some sort.

Probably CMC AM3.

CMC makes all of HP’s media, I believe. HP has some special deal with them and even gets CMC to distribute their discs for them.

My guess is CMCMAGAM3 too. Oh and if they are, don’t use them with your 4163B. Even the latest firmware (A105) has no support for that media code so it will only burn at 4x on that writer.

Ahh thanks for the replys, I may pick up a 25 pack just to cofirm it’s CMC, it’s only $9 and I may be able to help someone out in the process.